Photography project " We Are Dreamers "

Gabriele Palmato and Alessio Piombo are working on a intruiguing photography project called "We Are Dreamers". The concept is simple, they found random people and they ask them this simple question: "What is your dream?". The goal is to construct a rich photographic album of people by demonstrating each and everyone of their dreams.

"All of us have a dream to chase, there is someone who engages to be able to reach it, some of them have already abandoned, others who will never be able to achieve because of the unpredictability of life and others is experiencing it." -Gabriele Palmato -Alessio Piombo

Dream #7
"Live by the ocean, have a great job that allows me to live easy and without any worries, but at the same time not having to break my balls"

Dream #38
"I study business and want to become a successful woman"

 Dream #65
"Working in the social field and be able to carry out projects for the optimization of resources in the local area"

Dream #54
"I would like to live in America"

Check out their facebook page is here: We-Are-Dreamers

check out their official website here:
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