A pink planet discovered by NASA

NASA has discovered a planet outside our solar surprising by its color system: it is pink. GJ 504b, as she was called by astronomers, is the lightest planet ever discovered in orbit around the sun. It would be four times larger than Jupiter and is also composed mainly of gas. The planet was spotted by the Japanese Subaru telescope on Earth in Hawaii. Another feature of the planet, its color is a mixture of pink and magenta. According to NASA, GJ 504b is older than 160 million years and it would then be a relatively young planet across the universe is still in training. The temperature at the surface would be 273 ° C on average. "Our infrared camera reveals that the color is bluer than the other planets, which tells us that the atmosphere has little clouds" says Michael McElwain, a member of the team that discovered this exoplanet.

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