The Basics Elements Of Creativity

elements of creativity
Are you a painter, a designer or any kind of artists ? Have you ever looked at someone else's work to get inspiration ? The answer is probably yes. Some people are really skilled to create new ideas, new products and art masterpieces. What they won't tell you is that basically, their first model could have been from an outside source, perhaps the work of someone else. If you sketch a character for a game, the chances are that you are gonna look at catalogs of fashion, gears and weapons to fully get the most out of your main idea. The final work is not a copy in itself, it is simply a transformation and a blend of different ideas that all combine together. It's like a remix of an already remixed work. Few talented people really create a singular idea or piece of art that hasn't been made or elaborate by anyone else before. My point is that everything seems to be a copy of a copy nowadays, and I am not against it. I am not against this kind of creativity as long as the artist don't literally Copy a painting and sign it under is own name.

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